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Running with the Yak

Adventure travel is what we’re all about here at Run with the Yak. Whether it’s trekking in Tibet, kayaking in Africa, or mountaineering in Europe, we love it.

You don’t have to go climbing or hiking through jungle to have an adventure, though. Sometimes, you just have to travel somewhere off the beaten track.

So how far from the humdrum of everyday civilization could you get in a two week holiday? The answer would surprise you.

Here at Run with the Yak, our team of writers and TV broadcasters is constantly on the look out for new locations and new experiences to bring you.

Hawai'i, hippies and volcanoes


You’ll find no sand here! If you go to the right places, there’s far more to Hawai’i than grass skirts, surfers and horrendous shirts.

Those in the know are making tracks for Hawai’i's Big Island and finding it’s worth more than just a day trip.

Check out what happened when we took a trip to the dark side of Hawai’i.