Our team

Here at Run with the Yak, we may write fantastic travel and make TV the no one else can, but really we’re a bunch of like-minded people.

So we thought we’d better introduce ourselves. We’ll all be sending regular updates/tips/pictures and articles when our new season starts after Christmas and you can follow us on RSS, Facebook, or email.

With more than a decade’s experience as a journalist across independent media and the BBC, Martin is our ‘man with a cam’.

Originally from Northern England, he travels the world making documentaries from far-flung places.He says he is scared of nothing but seafood and the letter ‘o’.

A California girl by birth, Emily is an English teacher and writer with the love of the road. She’s also noisy as Hell. Naturally, we recruited her for The Yak straight away.

After a year in China (she meant to go to Spain, but says she ‘missed’!?) Emily is now based back in the US.

Steve grew up in Colorado, but by the time he was a teenager had already got a pretty full passport.

After five years away, he’s just returned to live in is homeland, but still travels regularly and writes for Run with the Yak. Steve’s hobbies are ‘stuff’, ‘things’ and ‘that button on my ‘phone’.

Fee is our business manager at Run with the Yak, but a prolific traveller herself. She deals with what the rest of the team call, ‘the grown up stuff’.

She lives near Run with the Yak’s headquarters in Northern England and keeps us out of trouble with varying degrees of success.

A former BBC presenter and editor, Ken is the other creative half of our TV operation. He’s made documentaries for many of the UK’s TV channels, including the BBC and has, inexplicably, just won a film award in South Africa.

Ken’s proudest achievement is persuading celebrity chef Keith Floyd to swap socks with him.

Having grown up in China, Sara is something of a newcomer to world travel, but is having to get used to it fast.

Keep an eye on this site for her latest news as she swaps life with her parents in Hebei for life on the road, touring the US in a car that physics dictates won’t survive the journey.

Having grown up on the beaches of California, Dan now lives and works as a university lecturer in China, where he has won a kind of celebrity status for his – er – amateur pole-dancing (guess the university hasn’t heard yet).

Dan’s travelled across East Asia and is a writer here at the Yak.