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Travel is one thing, but bringing home the feeling you have in a great location needs great photography.

Luckily, today’s high-tech digital cameras mean that, with a bit of know-how, great travel pictures are within reach of everyone’s ability and pocket.

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Take better photographs

At Run with the Yak, we’re passionate about our pictures and bring you regular tips and tricks to improve your travel photography.

Don’t travel to great places and bring home snaps. Bring home real pictures. Click the images below to get to our tips pages on Flickr.

Photography is all about light, so the less of it you have, the harder you have to work to get a good image. Here's a few simple tricks we've used to get around the problem.

If you're leaving behind the tourist traps and trying to get off the beaten track a little, the chances are it's because you want to see a life less filtered.

To pose or not to pose? Is it ethical to shoot people without their knowledge? We'll give you the answers to none of these questions here, but there's a few good tips and some food for thought.

Sometimes, the best composed shots are accidental and surprise you, when you see the outcome. That said, there are some guidelines, good habits and ideas that are worth practising.