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Wu Tai Shan

Golden Buddha, Wu Tai ShanToday, at a temple on the side of a mountain, I felt compelled to walk through the falling snow across the frozen courtyard and give my gloves to a Buddhist monk. Have I had a spiritual experience? I have cold hands, I can tell you that much.” Suffice to say, it’s been another weird week.

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Hawai’i, hippies and volcanoes

Sunrie over Hilo“In front of you, you see the earth swell like a great belly, then the rock begins to split before your very eyes. Before you see anything, you’re hit by a blast of baking heat that dries your eyeballs. As you step back from the searing heat, a tongue of red lava slides out into the open. The oxygen hits it, the red glow becomes intense and tiny flames lick up the surface.”

Run with the Yak’s Martin Forster finds out there’s more to Hawai’i than beaches, boards and bikinis, as he plays with lava and rolls up in a hippy town that time forgot, but money didn’t.

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Coming Down the Mountain – Xining to Lanzhou

A farmer and his wife in QinghaiAs our tiny bus racketed along the bottom of the gully, I watched the swrling brown waters of the swolen Yellow River lapping at the edge of the road. We’d already heard about landslides closing roads further up the plateau. The goat herder next to me seemed more interested in me than the rising waters. Then again, he’d never been down form the plateau before, why would this look out of the ordinary?

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