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Wu Tai Shan

Golden Buddha, Wu Tai ShanToday, at a temple on the side of a mountain, I felt compelled to walk through the falling snow across the frozen courtyard and give my gloves to a Buddhist monk. Have I had a spiritual experience? I have cold hands, I can tell you that much.” Suffice to say, it’s been another weird week.

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Kumbum heartbreaker

Kumbum, QinghaiArriving at one of the most beautiful monasteries he has ever seen, Run with the Yak’s Martin Forster quickly discovers there is something not quite right about Kumbum. Contains video from our ‘Travels in China’ series.

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The Muddy Monks of Xia He

Labrang MonasteryRun with the Yak’s Martin Forster begins his ascent onto the Tibetan Plateau with a visit to one of the most important, but least visited monasteries in Tibetan buddhism. Little did we know, the rains that were begining to fall would soon sweep away thousands of homes across three provinces. Part of our ‘Travels in China’ series.

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